Wayne mackey

Wayne Mackey, Ph.D. is a Neuroscientist at NYU and the Founder and CEO of Statespace.

Statespace’s mission is to bring standardized gamer performance analytics, training, and scouting to Esports. Statespace’s first product, Aim Lab, is a training tool that utilizes neuroscience and artificial intelligence to become a smart personal trainer for both professional and casual first-person shooter players.

Dr. Mackey received his B.A. in Psychology from Temple University and his Ph.D. in Cognition and Perception from NYU. His scientific work focuses on how the brain supports flexible behavior and decision-making, and he has published several peer-reviewed articles on human cognitive, perceptual, and motor abilities. His most recent work focuses on creating a new computational framework for short-term memory in both humans and machines. A lifelong gamer but terrible student, Dr. Mackey credits video games for opening up a path to a college education and his scientific career.

Dr. Mackey has won multiple awards and fellowships from various institutions, including the National Science Foundation, New York University, and the Simons Foundation.