2019 launch event presented by
kayon partners and Global Training & Events Group


 “Esports Tech Invest offers the opportunity to tap in on ways to profit and to hear from some of the leading investors and sponsors in the space” says Steve Garrow of Kayon Partners and Event Organizer. The conference will give investors the opportunity to be in step with current trends and to see upfront what is driving the explosive growth in the esports industry. It will provide an opportunity to learn from industry leaders to expand personal networks in this emerging industry and to see how esports is changing organizational culture for major consumer brand companies and professional sports teams. On-site vendors will provide attendees hands-on access to current and future esports technological advances.  

Event Organizers:

For Speaking, Sponsoring, Attendee Ticket Packages Contact: Dawn Pratt, Event Director, dpratt@globaltrainingevents.com or call (203) 255-2112 Global Training & Events Group: www.globaltrainingevents.com

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