Naeem Shabir is a Law Graduate from the University of Manchester with a solid academic background. As an avid gamer with a competitive nature, Naeem fell in love with esports on discovery. So much so, he independently published 'Esports; The Complete Guide 17/18’ on Amazon, which aimed to codify what he had learned regarding competitive gaming over the years.

Naeem is the co-founder of Intergalactic Gaming (IG), a UK based esports company that is developing a multi-faceted web-based platform that is powered by the TRON blockchain and digital tokens. IG will play a pioneering role in bringing the wonders of blockchain to the masses as their innovative business approach establishes digital business models, marketing mechanics and virtual economies. This infrastructure will enable consumers to actively participate and even earn money, for example through streaming and organizing competitions.

Naeem has been fortunate to speak at multiple esports panels, such as at ESI London 2018 where he discussed the role of blockchain within esports. He has also discussed other pertinent topics on panels, such as sponsorships within esports. 

As a predominantly digital and global industry, esports is expected to be among the first economies to fully embrace these modern technologies, to the benefit of the passionate fan base.