Team Vitality CEO Discusses Plans Surrounding Recent $22.7M Investment

Source: The Esports Observer

Source: The Esports Observer

Investment in esports franchises has been the flavor of the fall season. From Cloud9 to 100 Thieves, a plethora of teams have raised funds from high-profile investors, and Team Vitality is just  the latest organizations to receive a significant investment.

But it’s not necessarily the €20M ($22.7M USD) investment itself that has Vitality well-positioned. According to Team Vitality CEO Nicolas Maurer, it’s the investor: Tej Kohli.

While Kohli’s deep pockets make the Indian technology entrepreneur a suitable investor that can support Team Vitality’s long-term plans, Maurer believes Kohli’s knowledge of the technology sector and startups can be leveraged to foster a successful relationship….

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