Edmar Mendizabal

Director of Business Development, FairFight Anti-Cheat / i3D.net Performance Hosting (a Ubisoft company); Founder, Vermont Game Developers Association and Impeller Studios, Inc.

Veteran games industry business executive and online producer of AAA and indie titles on PCs and consoles, including THQ's Frontlines: Fuel of War (2008) and Homefront (2011), as well as the indie multiplayer, Ravaged (2012).

Edmar brings his experience in live services and his large network of industry developers to his role as Director of Business Development for FairFight Anti-Cheat and i3D.net Performance Hosting (a Ubisoft company). With a watchful eye on industry trends, Edmar establishes key partnerships with innovative teams, helping to fuel growth and enable expansion in emerging markets. Edmar is also an adjunct professor at one of the world's leading game undergraduate programs, The Game Studio at Champlain College, and enjoys working on Impeller's Starfighter Inc. (working title) in the evenings. He attends game industry events across the globe and often speaks on studio building and online game development. Most importantly, he really enjoys connecting with other developers and playing their games! Contact him at www.edmar.us.