CHarles Gallant

Leveraging a background in gaming, fine art, computer science, and robotics, Charles leads User Experience Design teams towards groundbreaking products.

Beginning his career as a full stack web engineer, Charles created websites and apps for some of the world’s biggest brands - from Panasonic, to Nike to the BBC. After spending time as WK+NYC's first Creative Technologist, he came to California to pursue gaming and entertainment design. 

Charles led the User Experience Design team at Anki for 4 years, where he found a home in the consumer robotics space. Bluetooth LE connectivity, app architecture and navigation, game design, physical robot interactions, and new user onboarding are daily challenges in this complex new environment.

Charles lives with his wife in the heart of downtown San Francisco, where he plays and builds guitars, spoils his dog, and photoshops his loved ones into embarrassing situations.